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What we believe.

FREE PEOPLE was formed out of a love for delivering great experiences. We have a passion for bringing people together and for collaborating with like-minded clients who truly enjoy the buzz of making wonderful things happen.

Be your most brilliant.

The FREE PEOPLE team has events, marketing, and destination management experience spanning dozens of industries, from Hong Kong to Halifax, and across corporate, private, and not-for-profit sectors. We have produced hundreds of events, big-budget and small, as well as dozens of marketing strategies for insurance, travel, finance, government associations, restaurants, bars, fitness studios, and music & film festivals. For FREE PEOPLE, success is all about tip-top customer service, a keen branding sense, and white glove hospitality at every touchpoint.

Our Team takes the planning and managing off your shoulders. You get to enjoy the results. We are architects, tastemakers and we place high value on discretion. And we would love to work with you.

So go ahead. Realize a corporate retreat. Launch a festival. Deliver a conference. Throw a fundraiser. Open a gallery. Release an album. Whatever your ask, FREE PEOPLE has a connected team in place to deliver the most stylish events, the most comprehensive and efficient projects, and the most strategic marketing plans – on time and on budget.

Nicole Langille


FREE PEOPLE’s lead Nicole Langille is a bonafide veteran of branding. She understands firsthand the power of an event to transform a brand. Her diverse portfolio includes event production and hosting high profile clients from as far away as Asia, Latin America and back to her home in Atlantic Canada. Whether leading the marketing department for a festival, producing national conferences, hosting high-end fundraisers or chartering yachts, Nicole leads a team that is in stride, dynamic, adaptable, and perceptive.
Jenny Hasselman, Director of Events Free People Marketing in Halifax NS

Jenny Hasselman

Director of Events

It takes an expert organizational hand to make a project or event run flawlessly. That’s where Jenny shines. She takes a collaborative approach with you to deeply understand the inner workings of your business and then helps you elevate and evolve.She uses focus, creativity and enthusiasm, and her calm presence to lead teams toward success. Her management skills have been curated over time and coloured by overcoming the many challenges of high stakes events.

Stephen Parker

Transportation, Excursion & Security Lead

Stephen has a diverse skillset that lends itself perfectly to event logistics. A former RCMP officer and a career built in transportation and tourism, he ensures all programs run on time, comfortably and safely. He’s an ace at moving projects forward, with a gentle touch. Stephen leads any required security detail and derives satisfaction from delivering crisis aversion. And he speaks fluent French. He’s FREE PEOPLE’s go to for operations on the move.

Terri Watson

Event Manager

Terri has worn many hats in the hospitality industry over the last two decades, and she has delivered sustainable events around the world with incentives and destination management companies. Terri is a transportation expert, plus she is well versed in all things event logistics. She is a true fanatic for details, and her experience with figuring things out in any locale is of huge value to FREE PEOPLE and our clients.