We Create Exceptional Experiences .

Our mission is simple: to fashion something truly tailored and extra special. And to enjoy the ride and make you look brilliant.

Let’s  Make Some  Magic!

FREE PEOPLE’s mission is simple: to create an exceptional experience. But we like to go a little deeper, to create a tailored exceptional experience. And that, is not so simple.

The way we see it, a great event is a special occasion where a stranger can become a friend.

That means your brand must be recognizable at every point of contact. So no matter your aesthetic, your spirit, your mood, or your goal, we will work with you to build an experience that seamlessly makes the connection between your community and your brand.


It means listening.
It means seeing what you see.
It means designing an event with purpose.

All in one breath.

Every event is an experience, and FREE PEOPLE really knows the value of a most precise and creative execution.

Our expertise is in creative collaboration: dreaming up new and exciting ways to deliver exceptional experiences and producing high-end, singular events. We believe in branding, and in delivering that brand in every aspect of interaction with a client. Our strong marketing and project management background ensures that each event we produce acts as a chance to make a little magic.

We’ve installed massive structure tents atop Citadel Hill with various food and beverage components, including scotch- and wine-tasting rooms and first-class entertainment. We’ve built a 15-foot ice bar and found the country’s very best flair bartenders to create Canada’s sexiest cocktail party. And we’ve delivered a client appreciation country dance party that was a true barn burner.

We conceived and executed a fundraiser on Georges Island that raised half a million dollars in an afternoon with only 100 participants, and put on another in the Citadel Hill ditches. Logistics were more than challenging, but the rewards were incredible. Locating and chartering a private yacht all the way from from Miami for an exclusive group when no yachts were available from Halifax to Marblehead. Private jets, clay shooting, survival hikes, helicopters dropping people and supplies on an island—yes, it’s on our resume.

Our knowledge of Nova Scotia and what it has to offer runs deep, but we’ve produced hundreds of events and business retreats in places as far-flung as Florida, Maine, London, Singapore, Paris, California, Europe, Iceland, the UK, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, Mexico, Toronto, The Dominican Republic, Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise, Calgary, Montreal, St. John’s, Charlottetown, Saint John… you get the idea.

Our travels have given our team great perspective and an eye for international culture.

We are dreamers and doers in a single package.