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“It is with the utmost gratitude and appreciation that I thank you for your contribution and effort in making Connect NL – ‘Where Leaders Meet’ a success beyond my wildest dreams.”

“Your ability to size up the situation in a very short period of time (2 days), tie up all the loose ends, and make sense of the remaining pieces to deliver a seamless conference of the highest quality for all a participants of Connect NL is a great talent and skill of which you should be proud. All of it was accomplished with a smile, calm, and grace that brought the entire conference team and TN staff together to accomplish what we did. You truly are the ‘eye’ of the storm.”

“Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you very soon. All the best.”

—Terry Keough, President/Owner, The KEOUGH Agency

“A special thank you must go out to Nicole Langille with FREE PEOPLE for taking on the enormous duties that went along with throwing our Grand Opening Party. This event was nothing short of spectacular and Nicole and her people took care of every single detail. The job they did was outstanding and that took an enormous task off our plate and allowed us to focus on meeting people and having fun.”

—Mark Dacey, Owner, Orangetheory Fitness, Halifax

“As experienced, professional event managers, you took up the challenge of producing an outstanding program for a discerning group of attendees. As you know, this was a very private program that required discretion and flexibility in organization and implementation. Everything was handled very efficiently and with a professionalism that added significantly to our attendees’ enjoyment of the overall session. Your ability to generate creative ideas for our program and overcome significant obstacles in organizing unique and inspired events that matched well with our discriminating, high standards truly exceeded our expectations and allowed us to enjoy the best that Halifax and Nova Scotia has to offer. You successfully provided an inimitable Nova Scotian experience which was as unforgettable as it was enjoyable.

It was a pleasure working with you. I hope we have the opportunity again.”

—Darcy Collings, Vice-President, Corporate Planning, EnCana Corporation

“Nicole gets stuff done. GIVETOLIVE has been working with Nicole for 5 years: in that time, we have doubled the amount of projects we produce, we’ve refreshed our branding, launched a new website, and moved into new systems for communication with our community. All this has allowed us to think bigger and to help even more people achieve the extraordinary.

More importantly, she is a joy to work with, is an exceptional team player, operates efficiently, doesn’t complain, and is a ‘low maintenance/high performance’ business partner. I have made a habit of only recommending the best… and hence by my recommendation, it is clear what I think of Nicole.”

—Todd McDonald, Founder, GIVETOLIVE and President, Energy Atlantica

“I have had the pleasure of working with Nicole many times over the years. She is a true professional who has a passion for what she does and it shows! Her creativity, flexibility, and attention to detail are the envy of many… and she’s lots of fun, which makes working with her a great experience.”

—Dawn Baldwin, Director of Sales, Halifax Convention Centre

“Best Destination Management Company I’ve ever worked with.

Nicole and her team provided superlative managed care for all aspects of our companion program, transfers, decor, etc. at our national conference in Halifax.”

—Nancy Catherine Coll, CMP

“I recently worked with Nicole on a Halifax Gateway event in Toronto. It was a terrific experience; she made all of my decisions easy ones. The event was well constructed and enabled us to generate awareness of Halifax. Nicole immediately understood the level of sophistication and calibrer of event we were aiming for. I will work with Nicole again on future events and I would readily recommend her services to anyone looking to have a highly polished, professional, and successful production.”

—Nancy Phillips, Executive Director, Halifax Gateway Council