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There’s No Shortage Of Ways To Market.

Content Marketing. Loyalty Marketing. Direct Marketing. Mobile Marketing. Social Media Marketing. Guerrilla Marketing. B2B Marketing. FREE PEOPLE know how to identify the marketing that will have the biggest impact for you.

Your Brand Is Your Reputation.

There’s no shortage of ways to market. And indeed, there’s no shortage of mistakes to be made by choosing the wrong way. That’s where we come in.

FREE PEOPLE’s Nicole Langille has over 20 years of experience finding the best way to generate conversions. But before getting down to any business, she gets down and dirty with your audience.

Who are they?
What motivates them?
And who are their influencers?

We have overhauled strategic marketing plans for the Atlantic Film Festival to the tune of a 200% leap in media coverage. Nicole has curated and sold-out of one of the Canadian Marketing Association’s major annual conferences. Her creative tactics, which leverage the power of digital media and grassroots initiatives, are credited with a 50% increase in attendance to one of Canada’s most widely publicized outdoor film series.

We love working with companies to polish up brands and make them shine. Your brand is your reputation and should spark connections.

Twenty years of constructing plans for small and medium sized business is what we are built on. We simplify. We’ll take your business objectives and fashion a marketing strategy that will get real results.

Industries we’ve helped glow include food and beverage, festivals, non- profit associations, insurance, travel, incentives, events, financial benefits and education.

Our formulas and extensive networks have helped to turn around conferences, festivals, events, and launched businesses in extremely short time frames. We have the very best web developers, copywriters, photographers and production companies on our side. We’ll finesse our resources to get you the results you want.

So, what are we selling?